The next big thing
in the food sector for
healthy ready meals.

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The next big thing
in the food sector for
healthy ready meals.

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It´s time for a fresh breeze in the food market

The next big thing in the food sector and in a unique, completely new business idea for healthy ready meals.

So-called Delivered Do-It-Yourself Meal Kits are currently the new trend. The concept behind it is very simple and therefore very easy to copy. Potential customers see virtually no difference at all between these providers. „Blue Apron” and „Hello Fresh”, two major players offer their customers virtually identical products, while ultimately being mere imitations of the original business idea which came from Sweden.

Smaller companies follow the same concept, but deliver only locally. It is up only a matter of time until the market cleans itself up. Nevertheless, this concept is still being copied and other vendors pushing into this market and try to take advantage of this trend.

It is time for some fresh air in this multi billion dollar market with a new, innovative and very promising idea and an entirely new business concept, the likes of which the market has not yet seen.

The Fresh Food Paradise Corporation was established to offer a new alternative to these providers. Our approach differs completely from anything else in the market.

Here is a brief overview of our planned business model:
1. We intend to be the only company on the market, specialized in completely prepared vegan meals that are sold immediately after preparation either through shops or are sent directly to the consumer. By fully prepared we mean that all ingredients are washed, trimmed, cut to size and delivered. All that is needed now is a stove, a frying pan and a pot; not even a knife will be needed. Our products are ready-made meals that contain everything that is needed, but which are not pre-cooked or frozen. The vegetables are portioned and packed into a protective environment, together with all the other required ingredients.

2. We will be the only company will supply freshly prepared dishes for single-person households. There are approximately 87 million single-person households in the US. These are commonly neglected by current providers because they only sell larger quantities at a time (3 meals for 2 people = 6 meals).

3. The preparation is as simple and as fast as conventional ready-made meals. Our meals contain only fresh, healthy ingredients and taste exactly as if purchased and prepared by the customers themselves.

4. Ideally, less than 24 hours lie between preparing the meal by us and final preparation by our customers. In order to be able to ensure this, we will need to build manufacturing sites throughout the United States, which deliver within a 200 to 250 miles radius.

5. We intend to ship and sell on six days a week and we will ensure that our own shops have at least 30 different meals and recipes to choose from. We will continuously expand this selection.

6. As mentioned under point 1, we plan to set up our own shops in all major cities, where the fresh produce from our production sites can be purchased by anyone walking into our stores. This too is unique, and has not been available on the market until now. We will offer a large variety of a healthy and freshly produced goods through our stores, and open a completely new healthy food market. A world premiere, which could change the entire market.

7. We want to offer quality at a fair price. This also means that our employees will have to be paid fair wages, our suppliers are paid for good quality, and that we intend to use local producers. Our target group will absolutely be able to pay our price, and cherish our quality. We will not go into the market via the price, because no comparable goods are available.

We will launch and build our first production facility in the New York metropolitan area.
Our idea is so unique and so requires a lot of knowledge and preparation time which makes copy cats very unlikely.

We are convinced that we will become a world leader with our concept and that will be able to hold that position indefinitely.

Manfred F. Schreyer

Fresh Food Paradise Corporation