The next big thing
in the food sector for
healthy ready meals.

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The next big thing
in the food sector for
healthy ready meals.

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Preparing and cooking fresh vegetables everyday
means a lot of work and a lot of time;
not suitable for singles!

Our example shows how expensive and complex the simple preparation of a single and healthy vegetarian meal really is. On the one hand, time has to be invested to purchase the fresh vegetables since these cannot be stored for long periods of time, without losing their nutritional value and going bad. Additionally, one is often forced to purchase more than one really needs for a single meal. Even small amounts of produce such as sweet potatoes, broccoli, pumpkins, or even bell peppers (which are often combined in a meal), Will always leave an excess and therefore trash. The same applies to spices or any side dishes. Not only does one have to be able to to clean, peel, and cut the vegetables - one must also know how to cook! The following images illustrate how complicated cooking with fresh produce currently is, and how easy it will be with us in future.

This shows how much effort is currently involved
in cooking and preparing a fresh and healthy meal:

All this has to be purchased in order to prepare just one of our meals for a single person.

The above mentioned ingredients already cost $22.64. This does not include spices, The oil, or the work it takes to actually prepare the meal.
Naturally, there will be access food, which can be used for the different meals. That said, vegetables do not last very long, especially when they have already been cut.

Apart from vegetables, many other
tasty ingredients are required…

In addition, a large variety of spices and herbs are required in order to obtain this exceptional taste.

Natural ingredients like spices, oil and a few others can be stored, but not as long as is commonly assumed. If not stored correctly, spices quickly lose their aromas and fresh herbs lose their nutritional value as well. Apart from the fact, that one always seems to need what is not available at home right now.

A lot of expertise is required in order
to turn a recipe into a healthy and tasty meal…

Preparing these meals takes a lot of work and does require certain skills.

Like it or not, at the end of the day several hours have been invested, a lot of waste has been generated, and a lot of of excess vegetables now have to be prepared in the next couple days.

We at Fresh Food Paradise Corporation are convinced this does not have to be the case.

Healthy food made from fresh ingredients can be prepared
just as quick as a frozen pizza; within 15 to 20 minutes.

This is what the future of healthy ready meals looks like:

We make it easy!

We deliver all vegetables completely prepared, peeled, cut and carefully packaged.

We deliver between 400 and 500 g of vegetables depending on the meal. The image above shows just how much 500 g of prepared vegetables are. A healthy and tasty meal can absolutely consist solely of different kinds of vegetables if prepared, and spiced up correctly.
Specifically single households will find this leading the person forced to purchase much more vegetables than he or she really needs for that meal.

Naturally, these excess vegetables can be used for other meals, but they will have to be used within the next few days, as they will go bad. Different meals will require it different spices and so the circle continues.

We deliver the sides in sensible quantities. We emphasize on the health aspect.

The above meals consists 60 g of noodles; more than enough for a single person. Of course, noodles are cheap and we could reduce the price of our meals by increasing the amount of such ingredients, as is common practice.

Looking at this from a health-emphasized standpoint, however, this is not acceptable, and we will not consider it. A lot of vegetables with only a few concentrated carbohydrates are the key to a healthy meal.

Protein rich ingredients like tofu can, but do not have to be part of every meal.
50 to 100 g are more than enough.

All spices are included in all needed quantities. Salt is always packed separately.

That´s all you need. It does not get any easier than this.

Quick and simple preparation of one of
our healthy ready-meals. Health that pays out.

A healthy ready meal on your plate in 15 minutes. Not a problem.

Step 1: Order the desired meal in one of our shops, and pick it up on your way home, or, as soon as we offer it, order online 2 days in advance and have it delivered to your house.
Step 2: Boil water for the ingredients (Rice, noodles, etc), according to instructions.

Step 3: Unpack the vegetables, heat included oil in a pan, add the vegetables and spices, and stir occasionally and add the included ingredients into the boiling water.
Step 4: Serve and enjoy!

Time requirement between 15 and 20 minutes!
Quick, Healthy. Good.